[rhythms-L] New rhythm: I Lost The Beat (by myself) + 2 new features

Andreas Schamanek schamane at fam.tuwien.ac.at
Tue Apr 20 18:03:35 CEST 2004

Dear drummers,

I have just added a recent rhythm of mine: I Lost The Beat.
Find it at http://wox.at/rh/rhythm?name=i_lost_the_beat . It has a
strange Djembe 2 but you will see that it fits nicely :)

BTW, http://wox.at/rh/ is a shortcut for the real address of my
rhythms' listing.

Concluding, there are 2 new features:

  Generic links to Google.com

On each rhythm's page there is now a generic link to Google where
you can look for additional resources with 1 click.

  Automatic listing of recent additions/changes

And, the list of recent additions/changes on the main page is now
updated automagically. Whenever I change something at the database the
list of recent additions/changes will change, too.


-- Andreas

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